The Legality Project — Melanie Phillips on legality of Israel’s actions

That Israeli “settlements” such as Ma’ale Adumim … are illegal under international law is simply false. The usual claim that they contravene the Geneva Convention egregiously misrepresents the Geneva Convention.
Jews have been legally entitled to live in Judea and Samaria, furthermore, ever since the Mandate treaty of 1922 gave them the right to “close settlement” of all that land. 
…A couple of weeks ago, meanwhile, an utterly chilling march … took place in Paris, in which mainly white protesters ….performed the pro-Nazi quenelle gesture and … [chanted] “Jew, France is not your country”. Do you know why you missed British coverage of this? There wasn’t any….
As Europe teeters on the brink of another cultural catastrophe, it is a legal Jewish city which is the focus of attention as a crime against humanity.

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