2nd Conference: Israeli sovereignty for Judea & Samaria. Thu 12 July 4 PM, Machpela Visitor Center, Hebron.


2nd Conference on Israeli sovereignty for Judea and Samaria. Thursday 12 July 4 PM, Machpela Visitor Center in Hebron.

Simultaneous translation into English. Speakers include: Geula Cohen, Israel Prize Laureate and initiator of Jerusalem and Golan Heights Bill. MK Ze’ev Elkin, Chairman of the Coalition. MK Miri Regev, Chair, Knesset Lobby for Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. 17:00 Minister Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkovitz. 17:15 Adv. Daphna Netanyahu. 17:30 MK Uri Ariel, National Union. 17:45 Adv. Itzik Bam (expert on constitutional law, Harvard Law School graduate). 18:15 Eran Bar-Tal, Economics editor, Ma’kor Rishon. 18:30 Emanuel Shilo, Editor of Be’She’va. 18:45 Yoram Ettinger, former US consul. 19:00 Caroline Glick. 19:15 Adv. Gershon Mesika, Shomron Regional Council chairman.  

“Be proactive. Raise awareness to the Zionist politican plan: Israeli sovereignty for Judea and Samaria. Spread this email far and wide to all your lists. Whoever can get together at least ten people from their area to come to the conference, we will help organize the transportation. Thank you.” From Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, Joint Masters of Ceremony. 050-7161818 050-5500834

Transportation based on pre-registration by Tuesday, 10/7/12: Jerusalem- Ramot 14:15 – Inbal Hotel 14:45 052-3294194. Gush Dan – 14:00 Arlozorov Train Station & Coca-Cola Junction 03-5323472. Efrat & Gush Etzion- 15:30 02-9931978 or 052-3003689. Bet Shemesh- 0528909524. North 0524627118. South (Meitar) 0522719875

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