Yehudit Tayar on the Release of More Terrorists

Sent: Friday, December 27, 2013 12:54 PM

Subject: RE: Upcoming Terrorist Release in Israel


As a family of victims of terror, and as an Israeli citizen I am heartbroken and appalled – so many of the murderers of our loved ones have been released- and for what?  Remember the horrific photo of the murderer of our soldiers in Ramallah- as he proudly held up his bloodied hands after he butchered them?  Last release he was let out to go back to one of the villages near my community north of Jerusalem near Ramallah- each time I pass I want to scream-

Yes it is our government here that is irresponsible and instead of protecting the lives and welfare of Israeli citizens or in fact anyone here they are running ahead to do just the opposite- to encourage murder and bloodshed.  

Next week we meet again in the Opher Military Court for the continuing trials of the terror gang that murdered Asher and Yonatan Palmer HY”D over two years ago- we sit in the court room next to the monsters who planned and practiced how to murder Jewish settlers- the pain of the nightmare of these trials is impossible to describe- I sit next to Michael the father and grandfather of this young man- not yet 25 and his infant son who was 4 days less than a year old- there is no way to begin to explain the pain and horror.

 Our government with the encouragement of the US government is stomping on the blood of our loved ones who were murdered only because they were Jewish- and strengthening the resolve and determination of those same murderers and more to continue- what do they have to lose?  They are claimed as heroes for butchering us- HaShem save us

B’ahavat Zion


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