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 We’ve seen far too many “Settlers”  — these truly holy people, the cream of Am Yisrael — brutalized with administrative orders over the years.

Boaz Albert is still incarcerated with the dregs of society in Ramle jail  — not in the Agaf HaTorani (section for religious prisoners).  Boaz could have been out, albeit under house arrest in Shaare Tikvah at the home of his wife Irit’s parents.  At his court hearing yesterday in  Kfar Saba, .the judge heard the assurances of the three women — (his wife, Irit, her mother, Nomi & brother Chanoch’s wife, Hodaya) — who would be responsible for Boaz remaining in that house & not setting foot in Yehuda or Shomron, until the end of his Administrative Detention (around Tu be’Shvat). 
But both Boaz and Irit Albert are strongly determined to fight this —  By his refusing to sign, Boaz firmly believes he is doing the right thing, in endeavoring to eliminate use of this ridiculous, unjust, malused practice.  And all his loved ones are strongly behind him, as are so many more  people — evidenced by the thousands who came to commend this hero at his home during Succot.  Among those visitors were Rabbis Dov Lior, Shmuel Elyahu  & many more.  This, the day before our full bus arrived there on Ruthi’s Yesha Experiences Ma’achazim trip, to greet this national hero.  And that’s when. on Chol Hamoed Succot,  hordes of Yasamnikim (riot police) burst into the Albert home to arrest him again. That was already over five weeks ago…His list of supporters is growing.  . 
Boaz, father of six lovely children is prevented from his livelihood, producing choice wines at his vineyard in Givat K’duma, Yitzhar in the beautiful Shomron mountains.  Headline news catapulted this quiet, redheaded, high-principled tzaddik to fame when he was brutally electrocuted with a Taser gun by the Israel police in his home, in front of his wife & children in early August for no reason, as he was not resisting arrest..
Our hero shares his smoke-filled cell with 7 others.  The TV  blasts constantly 24 hours a day, while the convicts watch movies till 4 am & beyond, then sleep till noon, instead of being educated to leave criminal activities while serving time. The jail’s Beit Knesset, where Boaz tries to learn Torah most of the time, is constantly being closed, forcing Boaz back to his choking cell, where he valiantly tries to learn in such an atmosphere, after having slept only fitfully each night with the blaring TV.  Hopefully, his requests for transfer to the Torani wing will be answered affirmatively.
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