Temple Mount protest- הר הבית,הפגנה

An emergency protest had been called for .

Attached is the flyer in Hebrew
 Wednesday July 18, 5:15pm near the Prime Minsters Residence in Jerusalem to protest the ongoing persecution of Jews on the Temple Mount by the Israeli Police.

 Rabbi Yisrael Ariel along with eighteen others have been banned from returning to the Temple Mount for the crime of holding a short prayer service on the Mount in honor of Jerusalem Day, the very day the Mount was liberated in 1967.

 In addition it is now known that the Islamic Authority with the consent of the Israeli Police have caused severe desecration to the Foundation Stone, The Holy of Holies.

 At 7pm we will walk to the Western Wall to participate in the monthly encirclement of the Temple Mount.
for more details

054 492 9220

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