[Mattotarim] סכנת איראן + העוינות של קרי Devastating times

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אווירה קשה בגלל סכנת איראן ובעקבות הנאום העויין של קרי
עלינו "להעיר" את הקהילה היהודית בארה"ב!!
להלן מכתב לדוגמה, באנגלית, לארגונים היהודיים בארה"ב – בצבע אדום להלן.
מתחת למכתב האדום – יש כתובות מייל (שחלקם יחזרו – לא נורא) 
אנא העבירו את המכתב האדום  לכל הכתובות,
וכן, אנא העבירו את המייל הזה כולו לידידים ובני משפחה דוברי אנגלית, כאן ובארה"ב
תודה רבה 
Worrying times – You can help
Sec. of State Kerry's recent remarks http://www.state.gov/secretary/remarks/2013/11/217314.htm were devastating for Israel.
First, Kerry threatened Israel by literally inviting violence and delegitimization campaigns against her, and failing to denounce such campaigns: "[T}here will be an …increasing campaign of de-legitimization of Israel …if we don’t …resolve the question of settlements… if we don’t end the presence of Israeli soldiers perpetually within the West Bank, then there will be an increasing feeling that … we cannot get peace with … nonviolence….  Israel says oh, we feel safe today…. Well, I’ve got news for you. Today’s status quo will not be tomorrow’s… if we don’t resolve this issue, …the Palestinians …are going to begin again… And the last thing Israel wants … is a return to violence."
Second, Kerry denounced Israel 5 times.  De-legitimization or violence against Israel were not denounced — Israel was denounced:
1  "Palestinian leadership believe the settlements are illegal, they object to the settlements, do not think you should be doing settlements. We, the United States, say the same thing."  2 "We do not believe the settlements are legitimate. We think they're illegitimate. " 3 "the entire peace process would, in fact, be easier if these settlements were not taking place. Now, that's our position." 4. "The Palestinians profoundly object to it. The international community objects to it. The United States policy has always been that the settlements are illegitimate."  5.  "We believe this process would be much easier if we didn't have the tension that is created by settlements."

Third, Kerry refused to denounce the terrorism-saturated Palestinian Authority even once. Asked  about Mahmoud Abbas hugging murderers that killed children, Kerry calmly replied that: "It's very difficult", adding that  "the people in Israel  are opposed."  No denouncement — and no-one other than "the people in Israel" are opposed – certainly not Kerry himself, Kerry seems to be saying.
Please write to the American Jewish organizations, for example: מכתב לדוגמה לארגונים היהודיים
"Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to ask your organization to step up to help Israel at this hard time in 3 different ways:
    *to PROTECT Israel from Iran, 
    *to prevent INTERIM AGREEMENTS which force Israel to take security risks right outside her front door
    *to ensure the US Government will VETO "Palestinian-state" initiatives – these would cause a new Iran to shoot up next-door to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem!!
Sincerely, (YOUR FULL NAME)
email addresses (Note: addresses may "bounce back"; just ignore): כתובת מייל למשלוח "המכתב האדום" לעיל
howard.rieger@ujc.org,malcolm@prescon.org,rlauder@jnf.org, harrisd@ajc.org,afoxman@adl.org,mraffel@thejcpa.org, sgutow@thejcpa.org,hkohr@aipac.org, levinj@ujafedny.org,info@philanthropyadvisorsny.org,barchasa@ujafedny.org,rfishman@aipac.org; rdanziger@aipac.orgweekly@hamodia.com ; hfriedman@aipac.org ; twuliger@jcfcleve.org ; stanwein@aol.com; ndiament@ou.orgmlitwack@ou.org; andrewg@amitchildren.org; drben@norpac.net;nachum@nachumsegal.com;Gary@jewishweek.org, weekly@hamodia.com; info@mishpacha.com; deborahi@amitchildren.org; dzwiebel@agudathisrael.org;shafran@agudathisrael.org; hq@lubavitch.com;moliner@rza.org; info@cufi.org; info@aflkud.org; membership@hadassah.org; bherring@rabbis.org; SGlover@Hillel.org; shlomo@rabbis.org; rkovach@jewishfedny.org; sthomas@jewishfedny.org;JTobin@commentarymagazine.com; mwharton@thejcpa.org;allenh@ajc.org; info@israelemb.org;newyork@israel.orginfo@miami.mfa.gov.il;info@losangeles.mfa.gov.il; information@boston.mfa.gov.il; information@atlanta.mfa.gov.il; publicaffairs@yu.edu;
TEL-AVIV LECTURE: Yes, we are Zionists. How do we show it? 
Susie Dym,  speaking in English. No entrance fee.
This Monday 18 November, 6 PM. Moadon Emuna, 209 Dizengoff Street, Tel-Aviv 
Miriam Wolf 036963042 or Menucha Greenblatt 036962540 for particulars.

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