Home burned down by Arab arsonists — young couple left with nothing

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Dear friends,

Four months ago, Yisca Federman and Elyasaf Oyerbach got married.

The young couple had decided to build their house in Havat Gilead, in the Shomron. Elyasaf was expelled from his house in Neve Dekalim which was in Gush Katif (Gaza strip). After being deported from his home, he went to the beautiful Shomron Mountains and built a new house. He hoped that this will be the place he will be able to put down roots.

  Unfortunately, the bulldozers were sent by the authorities to this house too. The house was destroyed completely. Elyasaf did not give up and he started all over again- determined to build another house. It wasn’t long before Yisca joined his efforts.

 Like him, she too was deported from her home which was in the Federman’s farm in the Hebron Mountains.  In the middle of the night police troops broke into her family’s house, forced her 8 younger siblings out to the cold, dark night and destroyed the house and everything that was in it. The very next day she went back to the ruins of the house and started clearing them. Her family rebuilt the house, and again it was destroyed by the Israeli police. 6 times they built their house and 6 times it was dismantled. No wonder that Yisca joined Elyasaf in rebuilding his house at Havat Gilad.

Yisca and Elyasaf spent all of their savings and all of the money they got for their wedding to build a beautiful, well equipped house.

Words can’t describe the joy of watching the young couple establish the foundation of their new home. So many tears were shed, prayers said, and hopes wished for them to get to this exciting moment.


On Monday, in broad day, light Arab intruders broke daringly into their house. The plunderers broke the furniture, spilt the content of the closets and set fire to the house in three different spots. When Yisca and Elyasaf returned home from work, they saw smoke coming out of the house. They immediately called the firemen, but despite all their efforts, the house was completely burnt. All they could do was sit and watch their dream house burn up.                                                                                             

This brave young couple’s story is not a story of private people. This is a story of courageous young people who were born into a life of caring for our people’s future. Their life is a life of devotion to the Jewish people and for the holy land of Israel. Not only that they did not seek a more comfortable life, but they chose to be pioneers and conquer the hills of Samaria. It wasn’t an easy choice, but they have a strong and undeniable faith that this is the right thing to do. That this is the best way they can act in the behalf of our people, our land and our Torah.

Not all of us have their mental strength. Not all of us can choose to lead our life the way they do- so unselfish, so devoted to the cause. But many of us feel that their struggle is our struggle and their pain is our pain. Let us not be indifferent! Let each and one of us, open our hearts and our wallets and help them. Let us all be part in this courageous act of conquering the land.  May G-d bless us in all of what we do, and may he help us in the task of maintaining the land of Israel.


sent by: ilanabcs@gmail.com  – Ilana Shimon at Havat Gilad. Contributions welcome.


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