Farmer father of 8 suffering from Palestinian lawfare, act now if you would like to help

Farmer, father of 8, scheduled for expulsion from Mitzpe Yair – MK’s are needed to prevent the destruction of his greenhouses which are the source of his family’s livelihood

Mordechai Deutsch, father of 8, is an agriculturalist residing in the community of Mitzpe Yair in the southern Har Hevron region. He is the brother of Shaya Deutsch, murdered in Gush Katif. Deutsch’s father, was also an agriculturalist, from Moshav HaZora’im, and had lost his family in the Holocaust. He remarried and raised a second family of nine children, among them the late Shaya and Mordechai.

Mordechai constructed greenhouses on State land in Mitzpe Yair more than a decade ago. Almost immediately Palestinians appealed the declaration (made 20 years ago!!) that the land on which Mitzpe Yair was built is State land. The appeal by the Palestinians was rejected. The Civil Land Authority noted that the Palestinians used the selfsame documents of “proof of ownership” in the past for several locations whose distance from Mitzpe Yair is considerable. Also it was found that the Palestinians’ affidavits were fabricated.

As usual the Palestinians turned to the Supreme Court. In response nervous officials in the Civil Land authority suddenly gave an assurance that the greenhouses belonging to the Deutsch family would be destroyed by the end of August, within 3 weeks. This is exactly the type of case on which severe criticism was leveled in the report recently given by the committee headed by retired judge Edmond Levy.

Members of Knesset can look into the matter and block the unjust steps being taken. But they are on vacation due to the summer recess of the Knesset!! Only if they see that the public cares a great deal about the case will the MK’s come to the assistance of the Deutsch family.

Therefore we ask you to forward this entire email directly to the Members of Knesset at their addresses listed below.

If the MK’s continue their summer slumber, the unnecessary and cruel destruction of the Deutsch’s greenhouses will occur, in only three weeks time!

Please help save the Deutsch’s land and greenhouses! Send the email now to:;;;;;;;;;ulandau@KNESSET.GOV.IL;;;;;dhershkovitz@KNESSET.GOV.IL;;;;;


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