Daniel Tauber: I can no longer count myself as a supporter of the Prime Minister

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As the Israeli government releases convicted terrorists with blood on their hands for a diplomatic process aimed at establishing a Palestinian state along the pre-1967 lines, I can no longer count myself as a supporter of the Prime Minister.
His letter explaining the decision was both lame (“At this time, I believe it is very important for the state of Israel to enter a diplomatic process”) and an adoption the policies of the Left (describing negotiating with pre-conditions as “important both in order to exhaust the chance of ending the conflict…and in order to establish Israel’s position in the complex international reality around us”), wrapped in strategic terminology.

The decision cannot be chalked up to pressure from the US. There is no evidence of such pressure since Obama’s recent visit and in the words of Netanyahu’s ally Tzachi HaNegbi, “there is no pressure.” Nor can it be chalked up to some kind of commitment from the US on Iran as the US would never be so irresponsible as to base a decision about Iranian nuclear proliferation on whether Israel released terrorists or froze settlements.
Below is my most recent article from the Jerusalem explaining more fully why I no longer support Netanyahu.
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