BIBLE LAND FLIGHTS טיסות בשמי הארץ ברוח התנך – 3000 שח

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Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 7:26 PM

I would like to introduce you to an exciting new tourism venture which I think will be very popular with the visitor who wishes to see things differently and is able and willing to take this once in a lifetime experience.  It would also be a wonderful gift to an important commercial guest.


Sara’s name will be recalled by veteran Olim as that of the former head of the Voice of Israel English News.  


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Dear Friends and Colleagues


It gives us much pleasure to bring to your attention details of our newly formed Bible Land Flights.  We believe there is an opening or niche for a high quality aerial sightseeing experience of this nature which has yet to be developed     Our aim is to reach out to visitors to this country with an interest in Israel’s wealth of Biblical archaeological sites – the discerning traveller, the photography enthusiast, the film-maker, the travel writer, journalist or reporter and others – who would welcome this unique opportunity of viewing them from the air.   The pre-flight briefing, the guiding and the information pack components of the experience, under the auspices of leading archaeologist Professor Shimon Gibson are all on the highest level.  Pilot Zeev Manobla has had many years of experience in both civilian and military aviation, and has done much guiding work with overseas visitors.  Publicity, bookings, and office administration are handled by veteran broadcast journalist Sara Manobla who rounds out the team.


It is our hope that professionals in the tourist industry will wish to offer this experience to their clients, including it in the program options for their visit.  Bible Land Flights can also be purchased as a distinctive and original gift or mark of appreciation to honour a very special guest or client.    The cost for the first few months is an introductory one, at our very reasonable all-inclusive price of 3000 NIS or $800 for 3 passengers for the use of private plane and services of pilot for the 2 hour flight, with pre-flight briefing and info-kit.   Specialist guiding, in the air, by Professor Gibson, for two passengers can be arranged at extra cost.


Many thanks in advance for your support and co-operation.    We look forward to hearing from you.    Any suggestions or comments you may wish to pass on to us will be most welcome.


With greetings and all good wishes


Zeev Manobla

Shimon Gibson

Sara Manobla





Phone:  ++  972-2-5342521


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