אני בן 81 שנה ואני כועס 81-year-old Israeli is ANGRY


 Shadmot Mehola Ariel Broch 2.2014

I am 81 and I am angry.

I am angry that I always get cheated by the “Right Wing” politicians that I continually vote for, who then bend over backwards to dance to the Pied Piper of Europe or the USA to try and win World approbation – which they never get anyway.

I am 81 and I am angry that P.M. Bibi did a somersault from the party platform to agree on a two-state solution, which immediately had negative ramifications and brought pressures to bear against us even from our supposed friends and allies.

I am 81 and angry that our P.M. could agree to free terrorists who had been found guilty in our courts of law – and even those with bloodied hands – in order to get that arch terrorist Abbas to negotiate with us to give up our land. The land is not yours Mr. Bibi. You are only the trustee. We, the Jewish People, are the owners – FOR EVER.

I am 81 and angry that a proven anti-Semite with the name of Kerry (properly translated from Hebrew as Pollution – rather fitting I think) is allowed to preside over these negotiations, when he has already threatened Israel – and only Israel – of the dire consequences of not making peace.

I am 81 and I am angry that the government has not adopted the Levy report that stresses that the Land – the whole Land from the River to the Sea belongs legally to Israel, and that we are not Occupiers.

I am 81 and I am angry that our Government is intolerant of the majority religion of the country, i.e. Judaism. When the Muslims, under the order of the Waqf start a riot on the Temple Mount against the Jews, the police, in order to restore order, stop the Jews from going to the Western Wall and the Holy Mount, but do not, at the same time stop the Muslims. It is inconceivable that, in the only Jewish state, where by law, every religion is tolerated, the Jews are not tolerated.

I am 81 and I am angry that Tzippi Livni is our representative at the so-called “Peace Negotiations”. This is the lady who bolted from the Likud in order to vote for the “disengagement” in 2005. Under the circumstances, how could Bibi possibly consider her for this position? And Minister of Justice? Is everyone mad?? Now she wants to oversee another evacuation to appease Mr. Kerry and the Obama-nation (Abomination?). Now that her Kadima party has disappeared, so should she.

I am 81 and I am angry that we apologised about the Mavi Marmara incident when we were in the right – and got nothing out of it except the sneers of the Turkish P.M. Erdogan. Also, why the Moshe Yaalon apology when he was telling it as it is?. Do we always have to dance to Obama’s music?

I am 81 and I am angry that our leaders have no backbone and no belief in our G-d given right to our land. We have had no leadership since Menahem Begin, who had such a strong feeling for the land that we felt we could trust him. We thought we had found another one in Ariel Sharon, but he did a complete turn-about with his evacuation of Gaza – something that we cannot come to terms with to this day.

I am 81 and I am angry that our media describes Yehuda and Shomron as “Westbank” and “Occupied” as if the Arabic narrative is the correct one – as if there really was a Palestinian People whom we are trying to supplant, when the exact opposite is the truth. There never was a Palestinian People until 1967, and the Arabs that live there mostly moved in, in the wake of the Jewish reawakening, at the end of the 19th century, creating jobs and an economy that acted as a magnet to the Arabs from surrounding areas.

I am 81 and I am angry that we have not been able to dig in our heels in any circumstance that would have freed Jonathan Pollard – no case where we could say “nothing doing – unless and until Pollard is freed”. Even when Kerry asked us to free terrorists “as a gesture to Abbas” something that America itself would never have done – even then – nothing.

I am 81 and I am angry that nobody is even discussing real electoral reform, with candidates being selected on a personal basis by geographical locations – these candidates then being answerable to their constituencies. This would discourage the wholesale corruption we have seen in the past.

I am 81, and I am angry that we do not stick up for ourselves. As Hillel said “If I am not for myself then who will be for me?” If our truth hurts others, that should be their misfortune – not ours.

I am 81 and angry that we have a High Court that is more interested in getting accolades from the rest of the World than of delivering Justice. This unelected self- perpetuating Court has no compunctions in overruling laws passed by the Knesset when they do not fit in with its elitist definition of Democracy. This High Court seems to be of the opinion that we have no rights in Yehuda and Shomron – instead of defending our rights before the Court of World Opinion.

You may say “Why be angry? We are a democracy, and if enough people agree with me, then, at the next elections we can make our voice heard!” Well, I have tried it, and together with a majority of the electorate, we have repeatedly voted for a Nationalist Pro-Zionist government. But we were always thwarted after the election – first by Rabin and “Oslo” then by Sharon and “the disengagement from Gaza”, and now by Bibi and “the 2 State Solution”. If we are “the only democratic State in the Middle East” then there is NO DEMOCRACY in the Middle East.

So, I am 81 and angry and worried that I will still be angry when I reach 82 and beyond. WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS WHO BELIEVE IN THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF OUR CASE AND WILL DEFEND IT TO THE LAST GASP?



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